RBD meets again, this time with Dulce María but without Poncho Herrera and they saved us from loneliness!

RBD meets again, this time with Dulce María but without Poncho Herrera and they saved us from loneliness!

“Just stay silent” and read this that you will love if you were or are fan of RBD because they have given a piece of news that will take us back to those years of rebellion. After the group came to an end, it was speculated that the relationship between the members had fallen on bad terms, a rumor that took great force after neither Dulce María nor Poncho Herrera participated in the band’s reunion and in the wedding of Maite Perroni were not present either. However, today, the rumors have dissipated a bit because a few hours ago, some of the band members got together.

Through their social networks, Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez shared photos of the emotional evening that they apparently had at the house of the interpreter of Mia Colucci in the soap opera Rebel. However, what caught the attention of his fans It was that on this occasion, Dulce María was present, so it is evident that there is no such distance between her and her other companions.

In the images you can also see the presence of Andrés Tovar, Manuel Velasco Coello and Paco Álvarez, husbands of the singers, so it can be assumed that it was a meeting of friends and family. Something that also caught the attention of the fans It was the absence of Alfonso Herrera, who, although he could not accompany them, did take advantage of the publication to send them a message.

As they say, the meeting was due not only to a friendly coexistence, but also to the possibility of a work reunion and there are those who believe that this was the reason why Poncho did not attend, since, on several occasions, the actor has left Of course, he is not interested in returning to the group.

Despite the fact that the members of RBD have not confirmed whether the meeting was indeed due to the plan to meet again on stage, @chamonic3 and Pablo Chagra assured on their social networks that in September of the following year, all except Alfonso Herrera will announce his next tour. Although it is not confirmed, the truth is that it does give us emotion to think about that idea, or not?

Source: Okchicas