Readjustment leaves gasoline price balanced with the foreign market, says Abicom

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The drop in the price of gasoline sold by Petrobras returns the product to international parity, according to calculations by the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom). In practice, this means that, now, the amount charged by the state-owned company is balanced with prices practiced abroad.

Every day, the association conducts a price survey with importers at the ports of Itaqui (MA), Santos (SP), Aratu (BA), Suape (PE) and Paranaguá (PR). The survey this Tuesday (14) showed values ​​lower than those of Petrobras.

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“Petrobras’ prices this morning were above parity, 3 to 7 cents per liter more expensive than importers. With a readjustment of 9 cents, they were below par, with a tendency to stabilize in the coming days,” he told CNN the president of Abicom Sérgio Araújo.

Throughout 2021, Araújo pointed out that Petrobras’ prices were lower compared to sellers from other countries, hampering imports. But this time he recognizes the movement as positive, and says there was a “window” to reduce the price of gasoline.

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“Petrobras’ move was correct, in ABICOM’s opinion. The price is now a little below parity, but with a tendency to recover in the coming days”, stated Araújo.

That is, for the first time in recent months they understand that prices are in line.

Earlier, Petrobras precisely claimed parity with the international market to lower the average price charged for a liter of gasoline to distributors from R$3.19 to R$3.09.

“Petrobras reiterates its commitment to the practice of competitive prices and in balance with the market, while avoiding the immediate transfer to internal prices of external and exchange rate volatility caused by cyclical events. This adjustment reflects, in part, the evolution of international prices and the exchange rate, which stabilized at a lower level for gasoline,” stated the company in a note.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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