Real is the fourth currency that appreciated the most in 2022, according to a survey

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The real is the fourth currency that appreciated the most against the dollar in 2022. A survey carried out by Austin Rating shows that the Brazilian currency rose 10.1% compared to the US currency.

The ruble appears in third place, in front of the real, with an appreciation of 11.3%. In second place was the Afghani, the currency of Afghanistan, with an appreciation of 18.1% and, in first place, the currency of Angola, the kwanza, accumulating an appreciation of 34.3%.

Among all 120 currencies analyzed, 21 of them recorded a gain against the dollar. Another 14 currencies remained stable, with no gains. On the other hand, the remaining 85 coins were down. The strongest drop was with the Sri Lankan rupee, at -45%.

In addition to the rupee, others identified losses, such as the Turkish lira, Turkey (-16.3%), cedi, Ghana (-20.6%) and Belarus rubles (-25.7%).

The appreciation of the real occurs due to two main factors. According to economists, the real appreciated due to the interest rate differential in relation to US rates. While basic interest in Brazil has already reached 12.75% per year, in the United States the rate is in the range between 0.75% and 1%.

In this way, the interest rate differential ends up being favorable for Brazil, since foreign investors are attracted, strengthening the real.

In addition, the current scenario of commodities also causes the real to appreciate. Brazil is one of the main producers in the agricultural and metallic sector, both of which have registered an increase in international prices. Therefore, the flow of investors also increases in the country.

Source: CNN Brasil

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