RealTime Big Data for BA government: ACM Neto has 56%; Jerome, 18%; Rome, 10%

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TV Record/RealTime Big Data poll on the election for the governor of Bahia, released this Thursday (9), shows the former mayor of Salvador ACM Neto (União Brasil) with 56% of the voting intentions, a result that would give him victory in the first round. Elections are scheduled for October.

Following are former state education secretary Jerônimo Rodrigues (PT), with 18%; the federal deputy and former Minister of Citizenship João Roma (PL), with 10%; and Kleber Rosa (PSOL), cited by 1% of respondents. The margin of error is plus or minus three percentage points.

Blanks and nulls are 8%; 7% say they do not know or have not responded to the survey. RealTime did not simulate second-round scenarios.

1,500 voters were interviewed by telephone between the 7th and 8th of June. The survey was registered with the Electoral Court under the code BA-01168/2022. According to the institute, the confidence level of the survey is 95%.


Stimulated voting intention for governor of Bahia

First round

  • ACM Neto (Brazil Union) – 56%
  • Jerome Rodrigues (PT) – 18%
  • João Roma (PL) – 10%
  • Kleber Rosa (PSOL) – 1%
  • White/Null – 8%
  • Don’t know/didn’t answer – 7%


RealTime Big Data also made simulations for the Senate race, which show Otto Alencar (PSD), candidate for reelection, with 29% of the votes, followed by Raíssa Soares (PL), with 11%, Cacá Leão (PP), 6 %, and Tâmara Azevedo (PSOL), 5%.

  • Otto Alencar (PSD) – 29%
  • Dr. Raíssa Soares – 11%
  • Cacá Leão – 6%
  • Tâmara Azevedo (PSOL) – 5%
  • White/null – 22%
  • Don’t know/didn’t answer – 27%


CNN will hold the first presidential debate of 2022. The clash between the candidates will be broadcast live on August 6, on TV and on our digital platforms.

*Posted by Marcelo Tuvuca

Source: CNN Brasil

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