Reconnecting with deep emotions in contact with nature is the Beauty Factor we now need

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Giusti cave. Photo Courtesy Press Office

Entering Grotta Giusti is almost a transcendental experiencewhich arouses strong emotions: the environment is large with angles of different degrees of humidity and heat (temperatures range from 28 ° to 34 ° C and 98% humidity, which creates a real thermal steam, healthy and beneficial) which increase as you proceed inland through Paradise, Purgatory and Hell (Dante here echoes everywhere, even in the rocky conformations named with the names of the most famous characters of the Comedy like Paolo and Francesca) while in Limbo there is a small lake with a constant water temperature of 36 ° throughout the year.

The perfect mix of heat and moisture favors sweating, purification and detoxification of the body and of the organism giving a feeling of psychophysical well-being. In addition to the healthy thermal steam bath, the unique experience of the floating spafloating in the silence of the thermal lake (whose water full of properties also acts as a natural peeling giving a silky effect to the skin) to re-connect with oneself and find oneself even reuniting with the womb, and (for the most daring) the diving in the depths of the source.

Spa Floating in Grotta Giusti. Photo Courtesy Press Office

In short, leave all anxiety or you who enter: unlike the work of the Supreme Poet from Hell you will no longer want to leave. But it does not end there: in the new two-storey Spa, in fact, there are many services available, from the Roman Bath to the Steam Bath, from the Aroma Sauna Path to the Emotional Showers up to the Ghaccio waterfall to purify, relax and tone up in the name of the poetry of nature that accompanies every journey here. The beauty rituals are thus enriched with Mediterranean products and aromas and it is also possible to create your own essence based on olive oil, aromatic plants (taken personally and directly from the garden of the structure) and drops of essential oils in line with the own state of mind.

The Grotta Giusti Spa suite. Photo Courtesy Press Office

They are not missing facial treatments such as purifying masks based on thermal mud, peeling with fruit acids and thermal active ingredients, Luxury anti-aging while for the body the choice is between different rituals including the myorelaxing mud, arnica and hypericum back treatment that specifically regenerates those who spend too much time at the desk.

So, for hardened workhaolic looking for deep emotions or even if you are just looking for regenerating relaxation, Grotta Giusti is absolutely the ideal destination. Here the poem makes you absolutely beautiful.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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