Reddit is developing an NFT trading platform

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The popular online forum Reddit is gearing up to develop its own platform for issuing and trading collectible tokens. This is evidenced by a vacancy published on the forum website.

The Reddit guide is looking for a senior backend developer who can design and develop services for creating, buying, selling, and using NFT-powered digital goods, as well as help build the platform’s strategy.

“We are looking for strong engineers and leaders to help us shape our team and strategy, and create a common future. We believe that NFT is at the very beginning of development, so join our team! ”, – the message underlines.

It is not yet known when the Reddit platform for working with collectible tokens will be launched, or whether it will be launched at all. However, such a platform should help forum users to express their creative skills.

“We believe this ecosystem will grow over time and NFTs will play a key role in how fans support their favorite artists and communities,” conclude Reddit.

The forum has previously released its own collectible tokens – three NFTs have been created featuring a Reddit mascot named Snoo. In addition, the forum has a community token system on Ethereum, which received support for the Arbitrum solution in July.

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