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“Relaxing in Brazil”: NASA celebrates Oceans Day with photo of Cabo Frio

A NASA (United States Space Agency) celebrated the World Oceans Day this Saturday (8) with an aerial photo of Cabo Frio, a city in Rio de Janeiro. “Relaxing in Brazil”, begins the caption of the Instagram post.

The commemorative date was officially established by the UN (United Nations) in 2008 with the intention of promoting reflections on the oceans and remembering their importance.

In the description, NASA explained the origin of the name Cabo Frio: “so called because the surrounding ocean is exceptionally cold. Strong northeast winds that blow along the coast blow away warm surface waters, allowing cold water from deep in the ocean to rise to the surface. This resurgent water is also rich in nutrients, helping to feed the rich marine ecosystem off the coast of Cabo Frio.”

The image was recorded in 2023 using an instrument called OLI-2 (Operational Land Imager-2) on board a satellite in Earth orbit, Landsat 9.

In the comments, Brazilians celebrated the agency’s appearance on social media and took the opportunity to joke around. “If you zoom in you can see a miner”, commented one user. “The intern is from Rio, that’s for sure” and “I even found my house” were other reactions on Instagram.

Brazil will develop food cultivation in space in NASA project

Source: CNN Brasil

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