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“Renascer” reaches chapter 100; see what will change in the plot

On air since the end of January, the remake of “Reborn” will arrive at chapter 100 this coming Thursday (16). Although the brand represents the turning point in the plots, the story adapted by Bruno Luperi will stand out for an unprecedented scene.

Moving away from the original novel by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the key chapter will surprise you with a part of the story of Buba (Gabriela Medeiros), who will be reunited with her parents.

Check out what will change in the remake of “Renascer” after chapter 100:

Buba reunites with family

Without this scene having aired in 1993, the remake of “Renascer” will innovate in Buba's story, by showing excerpts from the character's troubled relationship with her parents.

Expelled from home after coming out as a trans woman, the psychologist will remember this painful moment in a conversation with Jose Augusto (Renan Monteiro).

The subject will make her feel like calling her parents, after years away from home. However, the call will be dropped within the first few minutes.

In chapter 100, Buba will decide to travel to his hometown, accompanied by Augusto. In the scene in question, she will meet her family again, Meire (Malu Galli) and Humberto (Guilherme Fontes).

Egídio proposes a deal for José Inocêncio

While the wedding of João Pedro (Juan Paiva) and Sandra (Giullia Buscacio) will become a big impasse for their families, José Bento (Marcello Melo Jr.) will broker an agreement between the soap opera’s biggest rivals.

In the turning chapter, Egidio (Vladmir Brichta) will propose passing his land into his daughter's name, on the condition that the cocoa producer sells his entire harvest to him.

Afraid of losing their lands to the villain, José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira) will continue to be against the union of the characters. More than that, he will consider a way to disinherit João Pedro.

Dona Patroa leaves the house with Tião and Joana

In love with Rachid (Almir Sater), the housewife will not be able to forget the character. Likewise, the Turk will have the redhead in his thoughts.

Already unhappy with your marriage, Mistress Boss (Camila Morgado) will find the perfect excuse to leave the house. When you least expect it, you will be sought out by Joana (Alice Carvalho) who will denounce Egídio’s attitude.

Promising cash compensation, the villain will demand that the employee spend a night with him. Knowing this, Boss and Tião Galinha (Irandhir Santos) will set up a situation to catch the character in the act.

After that, Egídio's wife will abandon him, while Joana and Tião will leave the farm with Dona Patroa. The situation will begin to unfold from chapter 100, extending until next week.

José Inocêncio discovers that Buba is a trans woman

After resolving their family problems, Buba and Augusto will travel to the farm with the intention of admitting the relationship to José Inocêncio. As soon as he receives the news, the farmer will bless the new couple's union.

However, Eliana (Sophie Charlotte) will not allow this happiness to spread. When accessing restricted documents, the character will discover that Buba is a trans woman.

The dondoca will even be reprimanded for Kika (Juliane Araújo) for violating the psychologist's confidentiality, but it will be too late. Motivated to get the character out of her way, Eliana will show the documents to Inocêncio.

The discovery will make Augusto no longer have the courage to look his father in the face, while Buba will be determined to talk to the cocoa producer. The scenes should only unfold next week.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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