Renee Zellweger unrecognizable for the needs of her new role as the infamous killer Pam Hap

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This is not the first time he has been transformed for the needs of a role. A typical example is the pounds he took as Bridget Jones in the movies with the famous “Diaries” of the heroine. The billionth Oscar winner Rene Zellweger started shooting his new series NBC, «The Thing About Pam», where he embodies the infamous Pam – Pamela – Hap (Pam Hupp), on the true story of which the script is based.

The actress on set was dressed in oversized clothes, a white jacket, oversized jeans and with obvious face prostheses. He was holding a huge glass of soft drink. It will bring to the television screen the doomed murderer Pam Hap, who earlier this year was charged with first-degree murder in connection with the murder of her friend Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria, who was stabbed to death at her home in Missouri in 2011. Η Chap she pleaded not guilty and denied any involvement in the case Faria.

THE Pam HapHowever, he has been sentenced to life imprisonment and is serving a prison sentence Missouri for his murder Louis Gubenberger in 2016. According to NBC News, lodged an objection Alford, which means that she avoided the death penalty without admitting her guilt for the murder.

The story of the series of six episodes takes place on December 22, 2011, when the Faria learning that she has cancer changes her husband’s name on the $ 150,000 life insurance policy, adding her girlfriend as the sole beneficiary Pam, four days before the attack. The purpose of the sick woman was for her friend to give the money to her daughters when she died, according to NBC News. Five days later, her husband finds her dead. At first everyone thought it was a suicide, then her husband becomes the main suspect in the murder when the police find a bloody pair of slippers in her closet Faria and various messages on her computer proving that she was afraid of her husband. In her deposition, the Pam ChaPi characterizes him as violent and alcoholic.

Initially, her husband Betsy Russ, was sentenced to life imprisonment, but at the retrial he was acquitted.

Recently the Zellweger she had confessed in an interview about the obstacles and difficulties that the preparation of the role had.

“She is famous, not famous. “I was trying to understand the character based on the little information available,” he said.

He even stressed that he tried not to think about the fact that he embodies a murderer.

Born in Texas actress explained what was what attracted her interest in her case Faria. “It goes beyond the peculiarity of the story or the audacity of the behavior of all those involved. It is a glaring depiction of current social issues. It also speaks – I suppose one might call it that – of the white lady’s privilege in America and also has an interesting look at the sad lives of some middle-aged women in America and how some strange circumstances may work for the benefit of some, as is probably the case in Pam».

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