Renovation of spaces by stages of your life


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Living each stage of our life to the fullest is an opportunity to highlight what represents us at this moment.

Home is an ideal space to represent it, it is the only place where it is easy to feel comfortable and safe to be yourself.

If we let our house speak, we can reflect our essence, and what better way than on the walls to capture your way of being.

Live alone or with roomies, forming your own home and even a family, are the ideal pretexts to be who you are through colors.

If you still don’t know how to do it and need a guide, the ideal is the Comex Combina formula 3C®, uses three shades in different proportions, never fails: 60% a predominant color, 30% the intermediate and 10% of an accent color that represents.

For an independent style

Black + Gray + Beige

Living room space with neutral painted wall minimalist living room and a chihuahua dog

Waste vitality and independence with this choice. Sober? Not at all! They are more fun. For the black you can choose a blackboard paint, so you can give it a touch of color with each work of art you decide to create, or simply, you can place paintings, photos of the places you will visit, places full of color and adventures.

Living your stage of love

Pink + Dark Gray + Soft Gray

Wall painted in neutral tones in sky blue gray and pale pink colors romantic minimalist style

It dictates that romanticism by the pink, yes, the pink. It is a conventional shade, for the perfect purpose, you can apply it in accessories to highlight the walls of your house. Bet on him! The vitality of pink will incline you to that mood that love dictates to us.

Have you already made your home?

Navy Blue + Green + Yellow

Sky blue pastel painted wall in a family room

Maturity, elegance, dynamism. The fabulous fusion of colors that give a warm touch to the stage of family love.

A family is also with your pets

Yellow + Orange + White

Wall painted in bright yellow orange and white with a dog and a woman doing yoga

A pet has entered the family! The happiness of the house is multiplied with those beautiful beings of light and joy. Nothing like using these tones to always have a contrast between cleaning and the best moments with your animals. They, as with children, are a great responsibility. With Comex paints, your fur will not stay on walls or floors.

And as a bonus, let’s give that golden age a touch

Light Gray + Beige + Gold

Wall painted in neutral tones with red accents in a room with minimalist pastel tones.

These colors take you on a challenge to take your rest stage to another level to enjoy your children and grandchildren. The adventurous combination gives the perfect touch to keep the flame of life burning but with elegance and maturity.

What combination did you like the most? Does any one represent you? Show your brave spirit and dare to express your personality on the walls of your house.

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