Rent rose 3.16% in SP and 6.22% in Rio in 2021, points out QuintoAndar index

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The average price of new residential rentals appreciated in 2021 compared to 2020. According to the QuintoAndar de Aluguel Index, released on Friday (7), real estate in São Paulo recorded a rise of 3.16%, while in Rio de Janeiro the appreciation was 6.22%.

With the pandemic affecting the real estate sector, 2020 saw 2% devaluations in rental prices in Rio and 5.44% in São Paulo. With the resumption of some sectors of the economy, prices rose again in 2021, points out the QuintoAndar document.

The last month of December was marked by appreciation in the two capitals surveyed. In São Paulo, the price per square meter rose 1.58% compared to November, reaching R$ 36.55/m². While the increase in Rio de Janeiro was 0.78%, ending the year at R$ 30.91/m².

According to the Index, the numbers obtained do not reflect the fluctuations in rental prices in all neighborhoods in the capitals. In São Paulo, most of the neighborhoods in appreciation are in the East Zone, the main one being Jardim Anália Franco, with 17.1% appreciation in 12 months.

While neighborhoods in the South and West zones, some belonging to the so-called expanded Center, suffer from the devaluation of rents, as is the case of the Santo Amaro neighborhood, where the price of the square meter fell by 16.1%, the worst result for the entire City.

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, the neighborhoods that appreciated the most in 2021 are located mostly in the West zone. The main one of the ten neighborhoods included in the survey is Recreio, with 23.4% appreciation in the year.

The cost per square meter in the region went from R$ 20.67/m² to R$ 25.21 in the last year, according to QuintoAndar. This was mainly due to new real estate developments, as well as in the Jardim Oceânico and Barra da Tijuca regions, with 19.9% ​​and 18.2% appreciation, respectively.

The South, North and Central zones of the Rio de Janeiro capital include the neighborhoods that most depreciated in 2021. Santa Tereza, in the South region, had a decline in the cost of a square meter of 15.1% in one year. Centro and Laranjeiras registered a devaluation of around 9.1% and 5.3%, respectively.

* Under supervision of Ana Carolina Nunes

Reference: CNN Brasil

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