Reopenings: no skis before January 18th. Gyms maybe on the 15th

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Ski enthusiasts will have to suffer a little longer. The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza signed the order extending the reopening of the ski resorts on January 18th. And it was the Regions, previously very critical of the closure, that sent a letter to the Government in recent days asking for caution and a postponement of the reopening considered too risky.

In particular, to worry, it is precisely the system of lifts, which the Technical Scientific Committee considers very dangerous for the spread of the virus: “A significant part of the vehicles, in particular cable cars and cable cars, have structural and load characteristics such as to be assimilated in all respects to the means used for local public transport (buses, trolley buses, trams and subways), therefore representing a context at medium-high risk of aggregation, with the possibility of high risk in peak hours based on the classification of the risk level of contagion from Sars-CoV-2 ».

Hence the rethinking: “At present, also due to the recent epidemiological trend at international level which did not facilitate the taking of the necessary decisions, it is believed that such conditions are not met to allow programmable initiatives and actions for Fr.stop the opening of the lifts on 7 January»Reads the new ordinance.

As for instead, the gyms, according to an opinion of the coordinator of the Sports Commission of the Conference of Regions, Tiziana Gibelli, with stricter rules it may be possible to reopen the gyms from January 15th, when the current Dpcm expires. However, adds Gibelli “everything will depend on the progress of the infection and the forecasts of the Technical Scientific Committee”.

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