Research shows that the majority of the population sees the world as more dangerous

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The global perception is that the world is more dangerous than it was last year. In Brazil, 83% of people have this perception in relation to safety. The number follows the global average (82%). The data are part of a survey by Ipsos that evaluated citizens from 28 countries on how they see the global relations of their nations and what they consider the greatest threats to the planet.

The survey polled 22,000 people from 28 countries. Margin of error of three percentage points. Between September 24th and October 8th

Of the countries that see the world as more dangerous than before, Colombia tops the list with an index of 91%. Soon after appear Peru (90%), South Korea (88%) and the United States (85%). The lowest rates appear in China (68%), Germany, Malaysia and Italy, all with 77%.

The main threats identified in the global average were being hacked for espionage or fraud (75%), fear of a major epidemic (72%), fear of natural disasters (69%), nuclear or chemical attack (66%) and terrorist attack ( 62%). In Brazil, the possibility of a new major epidemic corresponds to the greatest fear of Brazilians (72%). Then comes the fear of being hacked (71%) and the fear of natural disasters (68%).

In the face of global fears, the general population has little confidence in their rulers. Of the population interviewed in the 28 countries, only 53% believe that their respective governments are prepared to deal with natural disasters, 51% against epidemics, 47% against terrorist attacks and 46% against war with other countries and against internal armed conflicts. The index is even lower when it comes to hacker threat, greater global fear. Only 45% of respondents think their governments are able to tackle the problem.

The survey also wanted to know how the population of the countries that participated in the survey see solutions for the future and the relations between nations. Of the respondents, 51% defend that the solution to some of the current problems lies in more military investments. For 83%, the planet needs new global agreements and new international institutions, which must be commanded by democratic countries. However, 61% of people believe that a new world war will be possible within the next 25 years.

Regarding the economy, the majority (79%) defends that free trade is beneficial to their regions. Another data collected shows that, despite 78% believing that their countries should work together with others, 75% of respondents believe that the country should dedicate more efforts internally than externally.

Finally, the survey also addressed the perception of the Covid-19 pandemic. Only 45% of people believe that the virus has been controlled or will be soon. The number is even lower in Brazil, as only 40% of respondents share this view.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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