Retail electricity: Private providers have increased their meters

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By Harry Floudopoulos

Private electricity providers strengthened in the third quarter of the year, as they increased their shares in terms of the meters they serve. This is shown by the official data of the manager of the distribution network HEDNO, according to which PPC at the end of the third quarter served 5,058 million meters, having lost in relation to the second quarter 47 thousand meters. In fact, if the universal service customers are taken into account, then the losses of PPC reach 70 thousand meters.

On the other hand, private providers served a total of 1.6 million meters, compared to 1.53 million meters in the second quarter (profit of 67 thousand meters).

That is, according to the picture that emerges from the data of HEDNO, there is little mobility from PPC to private providers, without however there are significant differences in the ranking between the companies that are active in supply.

In more detail, in terms of the individual companies, the shares in terms of the meters served are as follows:

– Protergia, 4.07% and 277 thousand meters (from 267 thousand)
– Elpedison 3.75% and 255 thousand meters (from 249 thousand)
– Time 3.41% and 232 thousand meters (from 225 thousand)
– Zenith 2.72% and 185 thousand meters (from 168 thousand)
– Watt & Volt 2.65% and 180 thousand meters (from 176 thousand)
– NRG 2.2% and 149 thousand meters (from 135 thousand)
– Volton 1.78% and 121 thousand meters (from 118 thousand)
– Attica Gas 1.61% and 109 thousand meters (from 101 thousand)
– Volterra 0.58% and 39 thousand meters (from 38 thousand)
– KEN 0.47% and 32 thousand meters (from 31 thousand)
– ELTA 0.18% and 12 thousand meters (from 13 thousand)

Finally, the companies ELINOIL, OTE, Eunice, Greek Env and Soumbasis have smaller shares.


Source From: Capital

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