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Retired police officer kills two robbers during attempted motorcycle robbery in SP

A retired military police officer responded to a robbery and killed the two criminals on Rodovia Fernão Dias, in Guarulhos, metropolitan region of São Paulo, on Saturday (11).

A CNN had access to videos showing the approach of the robbers. The images show the former military police officer on the side of the highway next to one of the bandits.

When the second robber approaches the police officer, he pulls out his gun and fires. A criminal is hit and dies at the scene.

The other criminal tries to escape, is grabbed and gets into a physical fight with the motorcyclist. The two fall to the ground and the retired police officer shoots the robber several times.

Other motorcyclists stop on the side of the road and help immobilize the criminal, who, despite being injured, tries to get up. He is thrown to the ground again, and hit by more shots. Rescue was called, but the two thieves did not resist.

A CNN contacted the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat, which did not respond to our questions and limited itself to saying that the investigation is ongoing.

A CNN tries to contact the former military police officer and his defense.

*Under the supervision of Marcos Rosendo

Source: CNN Brasil

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