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Waack: In the war in Gaza, both sides are not equal

Israel claims that the military operation to combat Hamas terrorism represents the struggle between the free and democratic world and the world of evil.

The Israeli government must be held accountable and criticized based on the parameters of the free and democratic world.

Criticism of the Israeli bombings in Gaza, especially the large number of civilian casualties, has been made incisively by leaders of several democratic countries.

If Israel expects support from those who defend principles such as laws and human rights, it must also be willing to listen to criticism of its military operation due to the numerous deaths of innocent people.

However, by equating the Israeli response to the terrorist acts of Hamas, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) lost the legitimacy to intensify criticism of Israel, made by democratic countries such as France and the United States, among others.

Israel’s actions are those of a government subject to deposition by vote in a country that can be constrained by diplomacy and international treaties.

Hamas’ actions are those of a group that decides, on its own, who has or does not have the right to live, based on its interpretation of divine laws, and which has terror as its central axis of action, starting with the Palestinians themselves.

The deaths of children and civilians, as well as the suffering imposed on the population of Gaza, are tragedies that escape human understanding.

However, it is expected that people in a position like Lula’s, leading a State, will be able to understand what is at stake in a conflict like the current one in Gaza, recognizing that both sides are not equal.

Source: CNN Brasil

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