Retraining of staff with reductions in non-wage costs is proposed by EENEE

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The provision of a reduction in non-wage costs on the condition of certified investments by companies in training and upgrading the skills of their employees, was proposed by Christian Chatziminas, Vice President of the Hellenic Business Association (EENE) and President of EFA GROUP, from the podium of the 7th Annual Conference of the Hellenic Association of Entrepreneurs (EENE) entitled “Entrepreneurship 2.0 for Greece 2.0”.

“The EU and the Government are properly planning digitalisation and related retraining programs. But in order not to create some phenomena as in the past, where things were done simply to be done, these programs must be interwoven with the real needs of businesses and some directly income benefits to employees as well “, stressed Mr. Hatziminas.

“Our proposal is simple,” he added, “to have a generous reduction in the non-wage costs borne by both employees and employers, provided the company invests in retraining in digital skills, in recognized schools with strict criteria of successful termination by the employee ”.

The vice president of EENE also gave specific examples. “An employee who is paid 700 and 1000 euros net and today the non-wage cost is 116-180 euros respectively and 185-667 euros for an employee and a company (total non-wage cost: 300-850 euros respectively), to be reduced by at least 30% that is, in these examples, a total discount of 90-250 euros per month.

“Why shouldn’t every employee have a corresponding certificate (like a vaccinated one) that will increase his income and will cost the company less to hire him or even give him an increase”, Mr. Hatziminas continued, emphasizing that in this Certificate of course there must be a ‘reminder’ of renewing these digital skills at regular intervals with further short training, “since technological developments are now running very fast”.

He stressed that this funding, ie the reduction of wage costs, should come mainly from European support programs.

It is noted in the introduction that at the beginning of the Economic Conference, the President of EENE, Mr. Vassilis Apostolopoulos analyzed the aspects and dimensions of modern entrepreneurship in Greece and the important role it is called to play today, both through action, initiatives and the risk he has to take, as well as through the change of culture and way of thinking he needs to inspire.


Source From: Capital

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