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Returnees must be protected, says Palestinian ambassador to Brazil

The Palestinian ambassador to Brazil, Ibrahim Al Zebem, told CNN that repatriated Brazilian-Palestinians who suffered threats “have the right to be protected”.
The diplomat follows with concern the reports about the threats suffered by Hassan Rabee, repatriated this week.

“It is a judicial matter. If [os repatriados] If they feel threatened, they should notify the police. They are citizens. Regardless of whether they are Brazilian or not, [eles] they are on Brazilian soil and have the right to be protected”, said Al Zebem.

Al Zebem stated that the Palestinian Embassy in Brazil, for now, will not make any formal request to the government out of respect for national sovereignty. But he stressed that Palestinian diplomacy is available to the returnees.

The Ambassador visited the repatriated Palestinians on Tuesday (14), when they were still staying at the Transit Hotel, at the Area Base, in the federal capital.


Brazilian-Palestinian Hasan Rabee, who became known for showing the conflict in the Gaza Strip in videos, requested the Ministry of Justice and Public Security this Friday (17) for a police escort for him, his wife and two daughters aged three and years.

Hasan’s defense attached to the request the threats recorded in messages on social media. There are more than 200, according to the CNN .

The National Secretariat of Justice (Senajus), which coordinates the reception operation by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, informed, in a note, that the complaints will be forwarded to the Federal Police.

Source: CNN Brasil

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