Review: “Orphan 2: Inception” bets on humor so as not to repeat history

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At the end of the first decade of the 2000s, a horror phenomenon took place: the film “The orphan” was released.

Immediately, there was talk of the actress who played the protagonist, Isabelle Fuhrman, and that turn in the script (which few predicted), in which it is discovered that the orphan is not what she always claimed to be: it was actually Esther, 30 years old. of age and who, due to a hormonal problem, appeared to be a child of about 10 years.

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The film fulfilled its role and closed in on itself, with no space for sequels, as the main character dies at the end of the film.

However, more than 15 years later, the sequel arrived, in the form of a prelude.

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Isabelle Fuhrman, however, is now 25 years old and plays the same role: that of a child of about 10. In order for the actress to be able to revive the character that made her so famous, some artifices were needed: make-up to rejuvenate, body doubles. , tricks with camera angles and platform shoes for colleagues of the actress, who measures five feet.

The production effort is noticeable, however, at certain moments in the film, it is difficult to believe that Esther is not even a teenager, but, due to the immersion that the film causes, it is possible to ignore this “detail”.

Functioning as a prequel, the film, directed by William Brent Bell , tells how Esther came to be this home-wrecker. She escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Estonia, posed as a missing girl and took advantage of the lack of this girl’s family to enter her and, in principle, just steal some belongings.

During the first hour of the feature, the question arises: “Why make a sequel to tell the same story?”.

As in the first film, we see Esther commit some murders, for example, mainly in the first act. The psychiatric hospital escape has interesting action sequences and some scares, worthy of mainstream horror movies.

In the second act, the film’s mood changes, it moves more towards a suspense, with Esther inserting herself in the family’s daily life, manipulating everyone with her angelic face and working so that her farce is not discovered.

Nothing new. However, she shows up again, as she did in 2009: the plot twist happens. It’s not as ingenious as the first time, but it’s enough to completely change the direction of the film, take some people by surprise and, amazingly, make the viewer laugh – including the good performances of Julia Stiles, Matthew Finlan and Rossif Sutherland. that contribute a lot to make the plot twist work.

It is possible to fit the third act of this film in the “terrir” genre, a horror that uses comedy to spice up the story. The killing and bloodshed continue to appear, but it is in the dialogues that one is sure that the film is not taken seriously and that is what guarantees the spectator’s enjoyment.

Watch the trailer for “Orphan 2: Inception”:

Source: CNN Brasil

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