Rhythmic gymnastics, banned coach: “Dripping of humiliations and beatings”

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Stefania Fogliata, coach of rhythmic gymnastics, has received a precautionary measure: for her there is a ban on coaching throughout the national territory. The investigation by the Brescia prosecutor’s office concerns alleged physical and psychological abuse towards young athletes. The thirty-year-old coach works in a gym in Calcinato. The investigation, for aggravated ill-treatment, arose from the complaint of the families of two girls last August. However, there are 8 alleged victims of cases from 2017 to today.

More than 25 people have been heard in addition to the alleged victims, girls between 10 and 14 years of age, witnesses, parents and colleagues of the instructor. Were recovered from smartphones chats and videos. The police searched the gym. In the ordinance, the investigating judge of the Brescia court Francesca Grassani speaks of “daily dripping of insults and humiliations to which the beatings have been added”.

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Defense attorneys coach Emanuela Maccarani and her assistant Olga Tishina file their briefs with the federal prosecutor’s office to try to avoid referral. In Monza the two coaches are formally investigated and this is where the testimonies on what happened at the Desio Academy come from. Every morning the girls were weighed in their underwear “because the bra weighed two ounces”. The statements of Anna Enough And Nina Corradini date back to November. «But what are you doing, drinking? Water makes you fat», claimed Olga Tishina. In these sentences and in other attitudes lie the “training methods that do not comply with the duties of correctness and professionalism” hypothesized by the investigators. There are 7 phones seized: those of Maccarani and Tishina, those of three athletes and those of two staff collaborators.

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