Rio de Janeiro will hold its first open event without restrictive measures

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Mayor Eduardo Paes announced this Friday (12) during the announcement of the 45th epidemiological bulletin of Covid-19, the first event open to the public without any type of restriction.

The fraternization will take place from 2 pm on November 15 at Parque Madureira and will count with the participation of Bishop Abner Ferreira.

The event is a partnership between the City Hall and the Assembly of God of Madureira. The mayor says it will be a time of prayer and gratitude. In addition to the religious part, vaccines against Covid-19 will be applied on site.

“It will be the biggest agglomeration right now, God willing, the end of the pandemic,” he said.

During the press conference, announced as the last to talk about the disease, Paes also commented on the repeal of the decree that would allow the use of facial protection indoors. Unlike at other times, for the first time Paes decided not to follow the guidance of the Scientific Committee to Combat Covid (CEEC), composed of specialists who advise the Municipal Health Department.

“Why did I decide not to respect the scientific committee’s decision? I think there is an important issue, which is the signal, what we communicate to the population. When we say that you can’t use it inside either, it seems that it’s gone completely and that’s not how it is”, explained Eduardo Paes.

Last week, Rio had 17 deaths in person with Covid-19. Regarding hospitalizations, there are 45 hospitalized people treating the symptoms of the disease. Since the last bulletin, released two weeks ago, the entire city is at low risk of contamination by Covid-19. The indicator takes into account the number of hospitalizations and deaths from the disease.

Rio currently has 99.9% of the target audience vaccinated against Covid-19. In relation to those over 18 years of age, this rate is 92.7% with the complete vaccination schedule. As for the total population, this index is 72.9%. The booster dose was applied to 933 thousand cariocas.

On October 27th, the decree was published, allowing the use of facial protection in the city in open spaces. The bill, approved by the Legislative Assembly of Rio, authorizes the state and the Rio de Janeiro municipalities to make the use of masks more flexible.

The authorities will have to take into account the percentage of vaccination in each city, the social distance, the type of environment, expert assessment, in addition to other points defined by the State Department of Health.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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