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Rio Grande do Sul has a risk of storms this weekend; see full forecast

Climatempo issued a storm risk warning in Rio Grande do Sul for this weekend. The movement of a cold front coming from the sea drives more humidity over the state, which has low wind circulation and favors the formation of rain clouds. The storms should concentrate in the west and south of Rio Grande do Sul throughout Saturday (15).

Rain is also expected to fall in the capital Porto Alegre, starting in the afternoon, and it may dawn with sun and some clouds. In Santa Catarina, the storms should be more isolated in the south of the state. However, the area from Florianópolis to the north of the state of Paraná continues to be influenced by dry air with open weather, sun and high temperatures.

The region that will be most influenced by the heat wave and dry air is the Midwest. Practically the entire area of ​​Mato Grosso do Sul will continue to be affected by the heat wave, but low pressure from Paraguay will help to slightly increase the amount of clouds in the south of the state, but without rain.

In the rest of the Midwest, the weekend should be sunny, with high temperatures and dry air. Here’s a reminder to stay hydrated and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, as the relative humidity will be low during the hottest hours of the day, between noon and 3pm.

It also gets hot in the Southeast. Saturday should be blue skies and sunny in much of the region, including the capitals. With the exception of a few areas, the weather will remain firm and air humidity should drop even further inland. Meanwhile, in the north of Espírito Santo and the Jequitinhonha Valley, a high concentration of clouds should cause rapid rain throughout the day.

In the Northeast, constant winds blowing from the sea against the coast will encourage the formation of a large amount of clouds over the east coast of the region. Climatempo warns of the risk of storms from the coast of Sergipe to Rio Grando do Norte, with the possibility of rough seas in these same regions.

On the coast of Ceará, the sun should appear, but the cloudiness tends to increase throughout the day, with heavy rain forecast. It may also rain moderately in the east and south of Bahia and on the coast of Maranhão. The entire interior of the Northeast continues with dry air and firm weather.

In the north of the country, weather conditions continue to favor heavy rain over much of the region. Even so, Saturday should still be sunny, but with clouds with a risk of heavy rain in Roraima and Amapá. This last state, in fact, should suffer strong influence from the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) with even more rain and humidity.

Rain attention also goes to the north of Amazonas and the coast of Pará. Between the south of Pará, Tocantins, Rondônia, south of Amazonas and part of Acre, Saturday should be sunny with few clouds and firm weather.

Under the supervision of André Rigue

Source: CNN Brasil

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