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USP breaks record for students from public education

The University of São Paulo (USP) reached a new record for social inclusion in 2024. More than half of freshmen entered the institution through public schools, representing a total of 55.4% of filled vacancies. This index shows growth compared to the previous year, when 54.1% of entrants came from public education.

USP’s various initiatives to expand social representation

Among the measures implemented are the reservation of places for students from public schools and black, mixed race and indigenous people (PPI), in addition to the creation of the Provão Paulista, a specific exam for students from public schools in the state of São Paulo.

In the 2024 entrance exam, USP offered 1,500 vacancies through Provão Paulista, of which 1,365 were filled. The exam had a high participation rate, with almost 400 thousand registered and 260 thousand candidates taking the tests.

Different approval systems

In addition to Provão Paulista, USP also uses the Fuvest system and the National High School Exam (Enem) to select its freshmen. In 2024, a change in the way candidates registered under affirmative policies were called was implemented. With the new rule, all students initially compete for highly competitive places, regardless of the category in which they registered. Public school and PPI vacancies are filled later, according to specific criteria.

This change aimed to ensure that the best performing students had the opportunity to enter USP, regardless of their social origin. In practice, 118 self-declared PPI candidates were approved through the broad competition, while 726 entered through the places reserved for public schools. Among students graduating from public schools who did not declare themselves PPI, 392 won places in the broad competition.

Change made in 2016

The reservation of places for students from public schools and PPI was implemented by USP in 2016, with the aim of increasing diversity in the academic community. Since then, the institution has observed a gradual increase in the number of entrants from public education.

In 2024, USP also recorded a high rate of vacancy filling, with 96.5% of the total vacancies offered in the three entry modalities occupied. In the previous year, this percentage was 95.6%. The remaining vacancies are being made available for internal and external transfer.

Evolution of Social Inclusion

In 2021, USP registered 51.7% of students from public education. The following year, in 2022, growth was just 0.1% shy of the previous year. The biggest jump happened precisely in 2023 when there was a growth jump of almost 3%. This year, the University of São Paulo registered 54.1% of those approved in the entrance exam as former students of public schools.

Source: CNN Brasil

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