Rio justice holds first hearing on Jacarezinho massacre that left 28 dead

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Douglas de Lucena Peixoto Siqueira and Anderson Silveira Pereira, civil police officers, were denounced by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MP-RJ) for the death of Omar Pereira da Silva.

After more than a year of the biggest police massacre in Rio de Janeiro, the Court held on Wednesday (29) the first instruction and trial hearing against civil police officers Douglas de Lucena Peixoto Siqueira and Anderson Silveira Pereira. They were denounced for deaths in the operation in Jacarezinho, in the North Zone of Rio, which killed 28 people in May 2021.

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Faced with the presence of police officers from the Civil Police Special Resources Coordination (Core) in the plenary of the hearing, the four witnesses heard had to testify with their faces covered, without being identified and without the presence of the defendants. According to the witnesses’ accounts, the police officers entered the residence where Omar was staying and fired their rifles at him.

Both were denounced by the MPRJ because of their involvement in the murder of Omar Pereira da Silva on May 6. The victim was cornered in a child’s room and without a weapon when she was killed by police, according to the MPRJ complaint.

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Douglas is accused of killing Omar, and Anderson is charged with fraud in removing the corpse before the forensics arrive. The two are part of the Civil Police Special Resources Coordination (Core).

(* Under supervision of Giulia Alecrim)

Source: CNN Brasil

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