Robin Williams missed 70 years with the secrets of his 10 unforgettable roles

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Robin Williams, today, he would have turned 70 had he not committed suicide at age 63 – on 11 August 2014 – after having plunged into depression, due to the neurodegenerative disease that had been diagnosed shortly before. On this special occasion, we want to celebrate the life of the star whose immortal roles were a hymn to life itself. Plumbed into our homes waving a “Na-no na-no” with his hand, Williams was “O captain! My captain!»To teach us to find our own voice; the divorced father who demonstrated that love for children knows no boundaries; the doctor who discovered that laughter is the best cure.

Eclectic and with a fulminating comedy, Robin McLaurin Williams was born in Chicago (Illinois) on July 21, 1951 by a model and a Ford executive. He dropped out of political science to become an actor at the Juilliard School di New York, standing out as a mime. After a glorious career, he scores his fourth nomination atOscar getting into the 1998 consecration as Best Supporting Actor per Will Hunting. Today, we remember him (in the gallery above) with his most loved characters: from the audition upside down to become alien-showman in the cult show Mork & Mindy ai 52 characters improvised for the Genie of the lamp Aladdin until entered a sex shop to get into the 50 denier tights of Mrs. Doubtfire.

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