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Rosfinmonitoring: The number of suspicious transactions with cryptocurrency in the Russian Federation has doubled

Rosfinmonitoring recorded a twofold increase in suspicious transactions with cryptocurrencies. This is reported by Interfax with reference to a statement by the head of the department, Yuri Chikhanchin.

Most often, such transactions are related to drug sales, fraud and corruption crimes, but there are also cases of terrorist financing.

“Together with VTB Bank, we launched Transparent Blockchain, which makes it possible to conduct investigations into cases related to cryptocurrency,” the official said.

He said that currently about 7,000 law enforcement officers and other interested departments are connected to the tool.

“And we have already connected six countries, that is, they are also using it. This makes it possible to initiate criminal cases,” added Chikhanchin.

As of November, the single Transparent Blockchain database contained about 19,000 gray addresses and tracked more than 30 cryptocurrencies.

In addition, Rosfinmonitoring together with the Central Bank prevented withdrawal of 320 billion rubles to the shadow sector. In particular, 10 shadow platforms with a turnover of 28 billion rubles and 14 financial pyramids were liquidated. 380 criminal cases have been opened against the organizers and participants of the latter, and 2 billion rubles have been seized.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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