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Rosgram is a social network!

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Rosgram is a new Russian social network in 2022 where people post funny pictures and listen to music. Registration on the resource occurs through Yandex mail. After registration, you can upload an unlimited number of pictures to your personal account. You can like pictures and write comments under them. The resource is rapidly gaining popularity and already has an audience of over 100,000 visitors a day. The developer is unknown.

Rosgram from friend Pavel Durov

At the beginning of February 2022, a certain Alexander Zubov made a public statement about the creation in Russia of a foreign analogue of Instagram – Rosgram. The product was announced by early March 2022. The project turned out to be a failure. No defeat in Russia on March 1 did not appear. The expectation was disappointed and many were even deceived. The deception was that, in the wake of the general hype, nicknames ranging from 5 to 150 thousand rubles were sold on the website of the announced announcement.

“Rosgram is not needed!”

General public confusion in the social networks of the Internet, which began in March 2022. The still unreleased announcement of the Rosgram product became a hotbed of confusion. Numerous satirical posts and comments about this began to appear on various Russian social networks, such as “Durov’s friend is not Durov!”, or a reformulated phrase from the Soviet film Kin-Dza-Za “No violinist needed!” where the word violinist was replaced by the word Rosgram.

Source: Trash Box

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