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Sexy mom in thong bikini poses with her 16-year-old son and causes a stir – What’s the answer

A fitness influencer from Australia hit back after being attacked for a photo of herself posing with her teenage son in a thong bikini. Sophie Guidolin, 33, posted the photo on Instagram for Kai’s 15th birthday.

Many attacked her for the “inappropriate” photo, claiming her son looked “embarrassed” and that she was using her son to feed her “addiction for attention.” Others more crudely commented that it looked like the mom was having an affair with her son.

Guidolin, however, defended herself: “It’s normal to have a body, it’s normal to have body parts. It’s not sexual, it’s not shameful,” she said in a recent interview with Daily Star.

“So when my boys see me in a bikini, they don’t think anything other than: Um… her tan mom, mom goes to the beach, goes swimming. They don’t see me and think: what a sexy behind you have!” continued the mother.

The photo was posted last April, when it caught people’s attention. However, he continues to receive criticism for this image and was forced to update its description.

“We live on the Gold Coast in Australia, where wearing a bikini on the beach is so normal that I don’t even think about doing anything with this photo,” she noted.

Post it too a video with her sonwhere he says the photo doesn’t embarrass him.

Source: News Beast

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