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“Round 6: The Challenge” is the most watched series of the week on Netflix

Netflix announced that the reality show “Round 6: The Challenge” was the most watched English-language series on the platform last week, starting on Monday (27). The announcement was made this Tuesday (5).

The reality show had 11.4 million views on Netflix in the period, repeating the leadership of the previous week, when it debuted.

The reality show is based on the fictional series “Round 6”, which now ranks seventh among the platform’s most watched non-English TV series of all time, with 1.5 million views.

Among non-English language series, the lead was “A Nearly Normal Family”, with 10.5 million views.

The two most watched films of the week were also highlighted, in English and non-English.

The first was “Leo”, with 26.6 million views. And the second, “Last call for Istanbul”, with 8.8 million.

Source: CNN Brasil

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