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RS has a risk alert for floods and landslides this Saturday (18)

Rio Grande do Sul has a warning for floods and landslides for this Saturday (18), issued by the National Center for Natural Disaster Monitoring and Alerts (Cemaden).

The forecast is for the accumulation of water to persist in the Central-Eastern, Southeastern Rio-Grandense and Metropolitan areas of the capital Porto Alegre, due to the heavy rains of recent weeks.

Guaíba recorded a level of 4.60 meters on the night of this Friday (17), more than 1.5 meters above the flood level — and the tendency is for it to continue like this until June, according to the Institute of Hydraulic Research (IPH) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).

Cemaden reinforces that the basin receives water from the Jacuí, Taquari-Antas, Caí, Sinos and Gravataí rivers, all of which still have high river levels, worsening the situation and should cause it to slowly retreat.

The municipalities bathed by Lagoa dos Patos, which remains flooded and receives water from Guaíba, are aggravated by wind conditions.

Due to the heavy rains, Northeast Rio Grandense, mainly in Serra Gaúcha and the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul is also under landslide warning. The forecast cites the possibility of earth movement on natural slopes and falling barriers on highways.

The state is also on yellow alert by the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) for intense rain. Rain of up to 50 millimeters per day and winds of up to 60 km/h may occur in some regions.

Source: CNN Brasil

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