RTX 4070, touch AMOLED display and fast charging: Samsung is preparing to release a competitor to the MacBook Pro

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At the moment, the laptop market can be divided into three segments – Apple gadgets, gaming laptops and Windows laptops, which are bought if there is no money for the first category, and the second one looks unnecessary. And Samsung decided to change this situation dramatically by preparing for the announcement at the Samsung Unpacked event, which will be held on February 1, its flagship laptop called the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra. If you believe the information of insiders, and it looks quite plausible, the upcoming gadget will provide the potential buyer with sufficiently productive hardware, a stylish thin body and, importantly, a touchscreen display with a flip design – like in the “transformers” that died out five years ago.

Providers of classified information said that the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra will receive a 16-inch display, but the laptop itself will remain quite compact. Probably, the manufacturer wants to achieve this due to the minimum frames around the display. In addition, under the hood of the new gadget, the user will find a really productive filling – we are talking about the 13th generation Intel Core i9-13900H processor, 32 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, a 1 TB solid state drive and a discrete RTX 4070 graphics card with 8 GB of internal video memory. Thanks to these characteristics, the laptop will naturally immediately attract the attention of enthusiasts, developers, gamers and more.

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True, it is worth noting that we are talking about the top configuration of the device. Of course, the company won’t be shipping a laptop that only comes with an RTX 4070 graphics card and 1TB of onboard SSD storage – an expensive treat that not everyone can afford. There will be several configurations with different processors, RAM and video cards. At the same time, the top model in the line of new Samsung laptops will have an AMOLED-matrix with touch control and a resolution of 2880 × 1080 pixels. It’s not surprising, since Apple laptops have higher resolutions, but the ability to draw or take notes by hand makes up for the lack of high resolution.

Of the interesting features of the upcoming Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, it is worth highlighting a 76 Wh battery and, very importantly, support for fast charging – a 136 W power adapter will be supplied with the laptop. Of course, the laptop will work on the Windows 11 operating system, the thickness of its case will be only 17 millimeters, but the weight reaches 1.8 kilograms. For a 16-inch laptop, this is not so scary, but still, Samsung will not be able to surprise the audience in terms of the dimensions of the gadget either.

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Unfortunately, so far there is no information about the cost of the new device – it will be called on February 1, if insiders do not leak the data earlier.

Source: Trash Box

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