RUB 10 billion allocated for Russian processors for tablets, laptops and data centers

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The information publication Kommersant reported that Baikal Electronics won two tenders at once from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the development of two new Russian processors – the total budget for the creation of chips reaches almost 10 billion rubles. The state allocated 3.8 billion rubles for the development of the first processor called Baikal-L – it will be built on the 12 nanometer process technology and the ARMv9 architecture.

“On its basis, notebooks will be created, both corporate class and for everyday use, comparable in characteristics with foreign ones and competitive in price,” said Ilya Sivtsev, co-owner of Baikal Electronics.

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Significantly more funds were allocated for the creation of the second Baikal-S2 processor – 5.64 billion rubles. This chip will be created on the 6 nanometer process technology and the same ARMv9 architecture, then to be used in various data centers to implement cloud computing. At the same time, according to representatives of Baikal Electronics, the first engineering samples of Baikal-L are planned to be released in 2023, while in 2025 the first batch of Baikal-S2 processors for data centers should be ready. And experts believe that the demand for both chips will be provided by the policy of import substitution – in government agencies, such equipment will be of priority importance in public procurement.

“This is a potentially huge market [закупка оборудования для государственных структур]: about 200-300 thousand pieces of equipment per year “, – said Leonid Goldenberg, CEO of Systematic.

But it is too early to talk about conquering the consumer market – experts in the field believe that the audience will not be interested in the latest products based on Russian processors without an appropriate software ecosystem.

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