An ‘inflationary chaos’ in the future scares the CEO of IBM

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IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said he was “always worried” about inflation and “sounded the bell” for possible upheaval in the future.

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“The fact that things are fluid and fears that inflation will rise further can cause some chaos,” Krishna told CNBC on Monday when asked “what keeps him awake at night.”

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The technology giant’s leader said, however, that the disturbance could “remain silent” for some time.

“I’m always worried about inflation, but I’m not sure it will have an impact on our business in 2022,” Krishna told CNBC’s Dan Murphy at the ADIPEC energy industry forum in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Krishna also noted that economic growth could slow down if a new mutation of covid-19 prevails.

“We still have the pandemic ahead of us,” he said. “If a new mutation occurs, worse than the Delta, that would be a problem, because I think it would temporarily slow down the growth of the economy.”


Source From: Capital

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