Russell and Hamilton, when the idol is your teammate

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However, it is not always true that idols should never be known closely, because the risk of disappointment is very high. Sometimes one finds the idols as teammates, and then, overcoming the initial embarrassment, it turns out that even the idolized champion knows how to get off the poster and be one of us.

For information ask George Russell, English, 23, Williams driver, who from next year will board the Mercedes alongside his idol, Lewis Hamilton.

Who welcomed him like this: «I want to welcome George Russell to the Mercedes team, I remember when I met him when he was a child who dreamed of racing in F1 one day. At that moment I had just debuted in the Circus, so I know very well what it feels like in those moments ». In a photo posted on social media, in fact, we see a shy child with a couple of notebooks in his hand who peeks at Hamilton’s movements (at the time of the McLaren shot) to ask him for an autograph and take a photograph together.

The teenager who is inspired by the champion and retraces his path in the wake of a destiny that repeats itself is not a rare thing in sport. Daniele De Rossi, as a Primavera boy, dreamed of playing with Francesco Totti, already on a permanent basis in the first team. The two, over the years, have become true friends and, together, they won the 2006 World Cup, in the name of Rome and the Roman spirit that unites them. With a melancholy note: the nickname that has been given to De Rossi, Captain Futuro, has never actually been declined in the present, due to Totti’s never-ending career. And with a curiosity: even Totti, as a boy, dreamed of sharing the Roma locker room with his idol, another Roman, Giuseppe Giannini known as the Prince.

The first idol of Roger Federer was Boris Becker and it does not matter if the relations between the two are cold. An idol you have as a child is forever. Federer, in reality, was the idol of many, including ours Jannik Sinner. It is also a story of admiration that binds Matty Lee a Tom Daley, the two British gold medalists in the 10-meter synchro in Tokyo. If Lee got on the trampoline he owes it to the dream that sparked in him Daley.

And what a joy the Spanish must have felt Carlos Sainz, when he officially became the Ferrari driver. His thoughts went to Fernando Alonso, the compatriot who competed on the Rossa for five years, from 2010 to 2014. Crossed destinies, chasing stories: enlightenment for the French driver Fabio Quartararo is six years old. In 2005, in Jerez de la Frontera: he was six years old and Valentino Rossi appeared to him. It was at that moment that he decided to become a pilot.

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