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Russia: At least 16 people have died after consuming adulterated cider and 19 are in serious hospital

At least 16 people died and overall 35 poisoned in Russia, after they drank adulterated ciderannounced the governor of the Ulyanovsk region, on the Volga.

“The number of victims of poisoning with alcohol rises. According to the latest information, 35 were poisoned (…) and 16 died,” governor Alexei Ruskikh said in his Telegram post.

The 19 hospitalized “are fighting for their lives”, he added.

According to Russian media, the victims consumed a drink, “Mister Cidre” that contained methanol, a highly toxic substance. This drink is sold in some shops.

Russian authorities ordered research and they confiscated the adulterated batches.

Deaths from adulterated alcoholic beverages it is not uncommon in Russia, where the price of drinks in shops is sometimes prohibitive for poor citizens, especially in the countryside. In October 2021, 35 people died of poisoning in two separate incidents, while in 2016 at least 60 died in Irkutsk, Siberia.

Source: News Beast

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