Russia completes tests of world’s most powerful liquid-propellant rocket engine

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Today, August 25, a publication appeared on the official website of Roscosmos stating that employees of NPO Energomash (part of the state corporation Roscosmos) successfully completed fire tests of a special finishing engine RD-171MV, which is the world’s most powerful liquid rocket engine. It is being prepared for launching a very promising Soyuz-5 launch vehicle – this development already has the final version of the design. And during the test cycle, the specialists managed to confirm the compliance of the characteristics of this engine with the initial requirements from the terms of reference.

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Representatives of Roscosmos said that during the test cycle, the most powerful liquid rocket engine in the world, which boasts a thrust of 800 tons, worked for a total of 1461 seconds during nine fire tests. Naturally, all this happened on a test bench.

“The quality and reliability of the products of the flagship of the Russian rocket engine industry has once again been confirmed by successful tests and launches using LRE developed and manufactured by NPO Energomash,” said Yury Borisov, General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation.

Igor Arbuzov, General Director of NPO Energomash, also added that the completed tests actually tested the life of the entire machine – modernized units and components, an engine control system and emergency protection. Moreover, the enterprise not only met the deadlines for assembling and testing this engine, which runs on environmentally friendly fuel (naphthyl-oxygen), but is already assembling the next engine from the same series. At the same time, experts remind that the current RD-171MV engine is an upgraded version of the RD-171M engine, which was previously used on the Zenit launch vehicle.

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In addition, Roscosmos employees published an entire article about the history of this rocket engine, emphasizing that exactly 42 years ago, on August 25, 1980, the first firing tests of the most powerful rocket engine in Soviet history at that time, the RD- 170. This is, in fact, the predecessor of the current upgraded RD-171MV engine, which has gone through several iterations and many modifications over these impressive years.

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