Russia: Cosmonaut aborted spacewalk due to a problem with his suit’s equipment

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One of two Russian cosmonauts working on the outer arm of the International Space Station was forced back inside the ISS today due to a problem with its equipment uniform of. Her control center Moscow instructed Oleg Artemiev to end his spacewalk early.

The Russian cosmonaut had completed nearly three hours outside the ISS (the mission was scheduled to last about six hours) when the battery indicator on his suit began to drop sharplyforcing those in charge to order Artemiev’s immediate return inside the space station.

“Oleg, drop everything and turn back immediately!” Artemiev was told from the control center in Moscow.

Oleg Artemiev returned to the interior of the ISS, while his colleague Denis Matveev completed work on the space station’s robotic arm.

Rob Navias, a spokesman for NASA, assured that Oleg Artemiev was “never in serious danger”.

The International Space Station, a laboratory about the size of a football field, has been home to crews from around the world for more than two decades.

Source: News Beast

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