Russia denies Washington Post report on possible attack on Ukraine

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Russia has denied new US media reports of a possible Russian attack on Ukraine, accusing Washington of trying to aggravate the situation by blaming Moscow, the Kommersant newspaper reported on Saturday, citing the Foreign Ministry.

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The Washington Post quoted intelligence officials as saying Saturday that US intelligence believed Russia could launch a multi-pronged offensive in Ukraine as early as next year involving up to 175,000 troops.

“The United States is conducting a special operation to aggravate the situation around Ukraine, shifting the responsibility to Russia,” State Department spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told Kommersant.

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“It is based on provocative actions near the Russian border accompanied by accusatory rhetoric,” he said.

The United States, its NATO allies and Ukraine have accused Moscow of gathering troops near the Ukrainian border, and Kiev says it fears Russia is planning an attack.

Moscow has denied any plans to invade Ukraine, accusing Kiev of setting up its own forces to attack pro-Russian separatist-held territory.

He said he could move troops into Russian territory as he saw fit and that they posed no external threat.


Source From: Capital

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