Russia disconnected from the Internet? Preparations have already begun

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Disconnecting from the Internet is like leaving the world. And Russia would be about to do it or at least that’s the news relaunched both from the profile of Nexta tv on Twitter both from a profile linked to Anonymous, also on Twitter, which is called LatestAnonPress. The operation would take place within on March 11.

The Kremlin these days it has already started blocking foreign Internet sites, such as Facebook, isolating citizens from accessing global platforms.

Then the request of the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov of revoke Russian dominions “temporarily or permanently” in order to create real isolation. The idea was heavily criticized, because it is easy to understand that it could turn out to be a boomerang, cutting out Russian citizens from the news circuit, leaving them with only what their government wants to “give them”. They would not know where to find news and narratives other than those of the regime, nor how to express their dissent and tell us what is happening there.

Ukraine’s request could thus give strength to the intent of the Moscow government, which has been working for some time to “build” a sovereign Internet, so as to have its own web, free obviously from alleged western influences and external actors. It would therefore be a question of bringing all the resources and infrastructures to the Russian intranet, aka RuNet.

Already in the summer of 2021 Reuters reported on a successful test – held between June 15 and July 15 – in which Moscow allegedly involved all the country’s telecommunications companies in a process of disconnecting from the Internet. This would obviously give the Kremlin more control over the content spread online.

Source: Vanity Fair

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