Russia is developing software that will anticipate and prevent mass riots

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In Russia, the state-owned company technology, Rostec, is expected to create software by the end of this year, which will help federal and regional authorities anticipate “mass riots” and prevent their escalation.

This special software will analyze the news in Media and in social media, will monitor the streets through “smart” cameras and other sources. In the event that mass riots have started, artificial intelligence software will suggest to law enforcement agencies ways to solve the problem. The revelation was made by the newspaper Kommersant.

The new software is being developed as part of the program “Safe city” of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The program representative Andrei Missouri confirmed the creation of the technical part, while the Ministry of Emergency Situations, according to the same source referred to the analysis methodology used by this program named “Mass riots”.

The program includes definitions of “concentration”, “political conflict”, “protest potential”, “religious conflict” and “police actions” as well as ways to prevent conflicts in similar situations.

The program analysis methodology is currently in the process of approval by the authorities. According to the publication, the same process is already taking place in the regions of Regional Management Centers.

These are digital platforms based on artificial intelligence that collect the requests of the residents from official websites and social networks and forward them to the local authorities. The system is implemented from 2020 by ANO Dialog, which is led by Alexei Goreslavsky former employee of the Administration of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

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