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Russia is freezing: The temperature dropped to -58 degrees Celsius in parts of Siberia

Polar temperatures prevailed today in parts of it Russia, with the thermometer in Siberia dropping to -58 degrees Celsius. Yakutsk, one of the coldest cities in the world located about 5,000 km east of Moscow, it was shrouded in icy clouds and fog, as drone images showed.

“I came to Yakutsk specifically to live like this Cairo – so I’m lucky because December usually doesn’t have these conditions,” said Danila, whose beard, hat and scarf were covered in ice.

“I don’t get so cold because I was properly prepared,” he declared. “If I hadn’t put on the right clothes, I would have frozen within minutes.” He stated that his coat “boned” because of the extremes temperatures while his phone battery drained within minutes. To protect oneself one should wear two pairs of gloves as well as layered clothing.

Temperatures in parts of the Sakha Republic, a vast region slightly smaller than India in northeastern Siberia, fell well below -55 overnight. In Oymyakon, a settlement in Saha, the thermometer showed -58° Celsius today. According to meteorologists the cold will be -63° given the humidity and winds.

In the market of Yakutsk, the fish are sold frozenplaced in dozens of packages, as it is obvious they do not need a freezer to preserve them. The vendors wore huge fur hats to protect themselves from the cold.

“It’s cold,” said Piotr, a local resident. “You just have to have the right quality of clothes and then everything will be fine. The key is to keep moving to circulate the blood”.

Source: News Beast

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