Russia: Large-scale naval exercises amid talks between Western powers

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THE Russia announced large-scale naval exercises in the meantime conversations in Berlin between Western powers for the Ukrainian crisis.

More than 140 warships and 10,000 soldiers will take part in these exercises in January and February in the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and Mediterranean.

Basic target According to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, these exercises are the activation of “naval, air and space forces” and the confrontation of “threats” coming from “the seas and oceans”, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement. .

At a time when tensions with Western powers have peaked because of concerns about Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moscow is also planning joint naval exercises with Iran and China, at a time that has not yet been set.

The announcement comes shortly after the Kremlin called the US president’s statements “destabilizing.” Joe Biden, who threatened with a “strong” response in the event of a military attack on Ukraine.

Hours before US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived in Germany for talks with US European allies Joe Biden, he warned that the situation could “spiral out of control” in the event of a Russian attack.

The Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson For his part, he said that a Russian invasion of Ukraine “would be a disaster for the world.”

In Berlin, Anthony Blinken held talks with his French and German counterparts, as well as with Britain’s Under Secretary of State for a Common Strategy on Russia.

A crucial meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will follow in Geneva on Friday.

Anthony Blinken is looking for a diplomatic way out of the tension between Moscow and Kiev. Yesterday, during his visit to Kiev, he called on Vladimir Putin to choose the “peaceful path”.

The previous round of talks last week in Europe did not allow, despite the fact that the gap that currently separates Moscow from the Western powers has been established.

Claims doomed to failure

Russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops along the Ukrainian border, raising concerns about an impending invasion. THE Moscow refuses that has attack plan, but insists that de-escalation presupposes written guarantees for Russian security.

But Anthony Blinken said yesterday that he would not present any documents during his meeting with his Russian counterpart on Friday in Geneva.

“We need to see where we stand and whether there is room for further diplomacy,” he said, adding that some Russian demands were “clearly and utterly doomed to failure,” such as the commitment that NATO would never expand to Ukraine.

In addition to a treaty that would exclude any enlargement of the Atlantic Alliance to Ukraine and Georgia, Russia is urging the Americans and their allies to abandon military exercises and the deployment of military forces in Eastern Europe.

Moscow has stressed that its demands are non-negotiable and the United States has declared them unacceptable.

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