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Russia: Putin…fires Black Sea Fleet commander

Her fleet Black Seawhich has its basis in the annexed by Russia Crimea got a new commander, the Russian agency RIA reported citing imgs, after the blows received by the Russian military bases on the peninsula in the last nine days.

If the change is confirmed, the removal of previous commander Igor Osipov would mark the most significant sacking of a military official in nearly six months since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during which it has suffered heavy losses in men and equipment.

The state news agency RIA, citing its own imgs, wrote that the new commander, Viktor Sokolov, was introduced to the members of the military council of the fleet in the port of Sevastopol.

One img said it was “normal” that no appointment was publicly announced as Russia conducts what it calls a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

As reported by APE-MPE the Black Sea fleet, which has a respectable history in Russia, has suffered several public humiliations during the war started by the president Vladimir Putin on February 24.

In April, Ukraine attacked the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, “Maskva”, with Neptune missiles, causing it to catch fire and sink.

Το ρωσικό πλοίο MoskvaΤο ρωσικό πλοίο MoskvaThe Russian ship Moskva

Last week at the Saki air base in southwestern Crimea, which is near the fleet headquarters in Sevastopol, a series of explosions took place that destroyed eight warplanes, according to satellite images.

Then on Tuesday, explosions rocked an ammunition depot at a military base in the northern part of the peninsula. Russia spoke of an act of sabotage and Ukraine hinted that it bears responsibility for this blow.

Today Russia’s FSB security service said it had arrested six members of what it called an Islamist terrorist cell in Crimea, although it did not say whether they were suspected of involvement in the blasts.

The Black Sea Fleet is much larger than Ukraine’s navy and has been a img of national pride dating back to its establishment under Empress Catherine the Great in 1783.

Crimea, which Russia seized from Ukraine in 2014 and has since been heavily fortified, provides the main supply route for Russian invasion forces that have seized southern Ukraine, where Kyiv is planning a counteroffensive in the coming weeks.

The fleet has blockaded Ukraine’s ports since the war began in February, trapping vital grain exports, which are only now beginning to resume under a deal brokered by Turkey and the United Nations.

The fact that Ukraine is apparently capable of launching devastating attacks on what Moscow regarded as a safe stronghold acted as a moral advantage for Kyiv.

The 49-year-old former commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Igor Osipov, has been in charge since May 2019, according to his official biography posted on the Defense Ministry’s website.

His replacement, 60-year-old Viktor Sokolov, has extensive experience commanding minesweepers and units in the 1980s and 1990s, and subsequently held senior positions in the Pacific Fleet and North Sea Fleet, where he served as deputy commander . As of 2020, he was the head of a prestigious military academy.

Source: News Beast

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