Russia: Putin’s meeting with reservists’ mothers rigged? – The foreign media are talking about a “staged fraud”.

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Foreign media they are talking about a “mammoth” meeting that the powerful man of Russia had a few days agoVladimir Putin with women who have lost their children in the War in Ukraine. According to the news media, among the women were actresses as well as members of pro-Putin organizations. What was sensational is that while Vladimir Putin appeared visibly moved during the meeting, the hecklers’ comments were not included in the taped clip. “We understand that nothing can replace her loss of a son especially for one motherPutin said. sighing and stopping every now and then to clear his throat. “We share this pain” he had said.

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According to what is reported by international media, such as Daily Mail, Vladimir Putin’s meeting a few days ago with the mothers of the soldiers who went as reservists in the Ukrainian war has elements of a “cynical orchestrated fraud”.

“He met with a group of women extremely loyal to him who were carefully selected not to ask difficult questions,” the media reported, while Russian mothers and wives who did not attend the meeting were outraged at the embarrassing way in which Putin he avoided them. It has not been made clear whether the Putin met the mother of one of the Russian soldiers killed or maimed in Ukraine.

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The Russians reporters quickly identified some of the women who were selected to meet Putin as known “loyalists” of the president. THE Abbas Galiamova political analyst and former Putin speechwriter, said: “This is obviously a shame”.

One of the women, Nadezhda Uzanova from Abakan and a member of an ultra-patriotic group called “Combat Brotherhood”, he had previously appeared at an event with Putin singing the Russian national anthem in Red Square after he illegally annexed occupied territories of Ukraine. The fake meeting was also attended by Anna Gerusova believed to be the wife of a military commissar from Rostov.

One more, h Irina Tash-Ol, is a loyal regional government official and it is not clear that she has children of an age that could serve in the war. Another one, 50-year-old Olga Belcheva, is a representative of the pro-Putin party “United Russia”.

Source: News Beast

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