Russia to launch advanced unmanned trains with increased comfort by 2026

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Yesterday, February 4, an entry appeared in the official Telegram channel of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, which reveals plans in this direction for the near and far future. For example, the mayor of the capital said that already this year the metropolitan metro will receive about 300 modern cars “Moscow-2020” – these are the latest and quite technological trains that are produced in Russia. Moreover, Sobyanin focused on the fact that more than 90% of all components for advanced trains are also produced at the facilities of domestic enterprises. And they do not plan to stop there – over the next three years, Moscow will purchase more than 800 similar cars for the needs of the metro.

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In addition, the Mayor of Moscow spoke about the upcoming innovations for 2024 – from next year, trains will be modernized in the capital, taking into account the wishes of passengers and global trends in this segment. For example, a completely new head car design (the so-called “mask”) will be presented very soon, and the interior will be updated in accordance with modern trends. A particularly nice bonus is that the new generation cars will be even quieter and, of course, more comfortable for passengers. The mayor also announced that modern models of chargers and various amenities for citizens with limited mobility will appear in the cars.

But the main news is that already now in Russia they are working on the creation of the latest train, which will be able to operate completely autonomously and in unmanned mode. Right now, experts are working on the possibility of integrating unmanned control into a new generation train, which will have to accommodate much more passengers, it will have wider doors, and the interior will be more comfortable for passengers during the trip. If the developers succeed in realizing their plans, the latest unmanned trains will appear in the metropolitan metro as early as 2026. And this is certainly a huge step towards a fully autonomous transport system.

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