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Russian forces try to take Bakhmut city with group of mercenaries

The Russian government wants to take the city of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, with a group of mercenaries that has been operating in the country for eight years. The atmosphere in the place is somber and familiar, reminiscent of a recent past, in which Ukraine suffered heavy losses and struggled to maintain itself.

Now, there is a new Russian enemy. The Russians want to dominate the city of Bakhmut, so they sent mercenaries from the Wagner group, a Russian paramilitary organization that has been operating in Ukraine for eight years, to the place, more specifically in the city limits.

The bombing never stops, the team at CNN moved to an observation point where the Ukrainians see the arrival of the Wagner group fighters; what drives the Ukrainians to shoot.

“They say that Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group run up to them, making their positions exposed, and then Russian artillery fires at them,” the CNN reporter said.
Nick Paton Walsh.

The fields are scorched, pitted. They are almost eye to eye, the next attack is imminent, says the reporter.

“We see an enemy mortar unit, that’s what the drone says. They are getting ready to shoot at us.”

At the shelter, Commander Price, an officer in the Ukrainian army, says that Russian prisoners recruited to fight were captured.

“It was either get shot or surrender. The Wagner group acts in a professional manner rather than the usual infantry units,” he said.

The bombing continues and Bakhmut is pure destruction. The Russians are approaching, but they are not there, the expectation is for guerrilla warfare, in the streets.

“Why do they want Bakhmut so badly?” the reporter asks Martyn, an officer in the Ukrainian army.

“They’ve retreated elsewhere and they need a win, something significant, so they came here. Of course we have casualties, not today in our unit, but we cannot avoid being killed or injured, sometimes seriously injured. I lost a great friend five days after we arrived,” he said.

A few streets away, Andrey, a resident of Bakhmut, cycles home and his eyes tell you what life is like there.

“First the shots, and then no power or water. It’s not too bad, it’s just that one house yes, another no, is destroyed,” she said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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