Waack: The war in Ukraine is getting to the point that everyone feared

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The war in Ukraine is getting to the point that everyone feared. The aggressor Vladimir Putin, humiliated by recent military defeats, decided to double down.

Will throw more troops onto the battlefield. And he returned to threaten with nuclear weapons.

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Putin can only blame himself for the situation in which he finds himself. He made glaring strategic mistakes, the first of which was to start a war for which – as is now seen – the Russian armed forces were unable to deliver what Putin’s policy wanted to achieve.

Over the course of seven months the Russian armed forces, especially the army, emerged as unprepared from a technological, operational and tactical point of view.

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Putin doubled down on the conflict when the Ukrainians, aided by Western weapons, money and intelligence, literally put Russian soldiers on the run.

But is Ukraine in a position to go ahead with the current military offensive? It is on this question that everything is hanging at the moment.

Putin is into teaching history. Apparently he hasn’t read, or forgotten, what great Russian writers have said about war and history: you can never be sure how a war will end.

Source: CNN Brasil

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