Russian secret service says it stopped plot to assassinate oligarch close to Putin

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Russian news agencies reported on Monday (6), citing a source from the national secret services (FSU), that a plan to kill a Russian oligarch who has publicly supported the invasion of Ukraine has been dismantled.

According to Russian intelligence services, the agents intervened to stop an assassination plot, backed by Ukraine, and which would involve a car used by oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev.

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Malofeyev owns Tsargrad TV, which expresses nationalist views, praises Vladimir Putin’s vision and openly supports the invasion of Ukraine.

Russian television channel Zvezda TV shared a video showing a man approaching a parked car, putting something under the vehicle and running away.

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Images of a robot were also released, which seems to remove something placed under the car. The Reuters agency notes that it was not possible to verify the authenticity of the videos.

In a statement, Russian information services accused their Ukrainian counterparts of being behind the attempted murder of the businessman, detailing that the plan was operated by an extreme right activist, Denis Kapustin, a Russian based in Ukraine.

The statement adds that an investigation has been opened against Kapustin for terrorist offenses and trafficking in explosives. Kapustin, who is a former martial artist, declined to respond to Reuters, referring comments to Russia’s Volunteer Corps, of which he is a member – which is part of Ukraine’s armed forces and is said to have been involved in last week’s attack on the region. Bryansk Russia. Kiev has also not made any official comment.

On his Telegram channel, Malofeyev assured that he is safe and sound, and that the assassination attempt will not change his “patriotic position”, assuring that he will continue to fight “to the end” against enemies.

The FSB also assured that the plan against Malofeyev resorted to the same methods used last summer to assassinate the Russian Darya Dugina, daughter of a nationalist ideologue, known as “Putin’s brain”. Ukraine has denied any involvement in the death of Dugina, who was the victim of a car explosion.

Source: CNN Brasil

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