Salvini: I do not want anyone to chase my son with a vaccine syringe

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The secretary of the League Mateo Salvini referred once again to the vaccination campaign and the attitude of Italian citizens.

“I refuse to see anyone chasing my son with a coronavirus test or a vaccine syringe. “Careful yes, panicked no”, said Salvini.

“The Delta variant is more contagious but is not characterized by a higher mortality rate. “We should coexist with this virus, without closing the house but taking all the necessary precautions”, added the secretary of Lega.

Matteo Salvini’s stance on vaccinating young people and adolescents provoked an angry reaction from the Italian center-left. From the Democratic Party, MP Andrea Romano stressed that the League and the far-right “Brothers of Italy” are trying to prove which of the two is more fanatical negative, “playing, in an unacceptable way, with the lives of Italians, the most vulnerable, and finally of all citizens ”.

At the same time, the head of the League opposed the measure that the Draghi government is preparing to approve, which – according to the press – will provide the right to enter trains, planes and indoor cafes, only for vaccinated.

“I read that a fine of up to 400 euros will be imposed on those citizens who do not respect this new measure. “If we get to the point where we have to ask for a vaccination card to drink a coffee in the center of Rome, in the meantime the landings of migrants without a ‘green card’ in Sicily are unstoppable,” the Lega secretary wrote on the internet.

Commentators point out that all migrants landing in Lower Italy undergo a coronavirus test, and quarantine has been provided on special ships or in temporary accommodation centers.

At the same time, the Democratic Party asked him to clarify when he intends to be vaccinated against coronavirus, because the dating platform for his age, opened two months ago.

“I will be vaccinated in August, but I do not want to post a relevant photo,” Salvini replied. Already in June he had announced that he was going to come to a vaccination center to be given an anti-coronavirus drug.

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