A crypto-asset writer for Forbes magazine suggested that the Securities and Exchange Commission “bite off more than it can chew” in its legal campaign against Ripple.

Sam Lyman believes that it is becoming increasingly clear to the judiciary that the new administration of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not have sufficient chances to win the Ripple case. According to the expert, the position of the head of department Gary Gensler (Gary Gensler) distorts the previous position of the SEC regarding Ripple and its main asset XRP.

“The agency’s efforts to classify digital assets as securities and subject them to securities law are facing an unexpected adversary—the SEC’s own past statements and internal documents,” Lyman said.

Sam Lyman is sure that the weakness of the position of the current administration of the SEC is that the main goal of the lawsuit is not to identify facts of violations of regulatory requirements, but a camouflaged attack on the crypto industry. Therefore, the SEC is forced to invent motives as the litigation goes beyond simply enforcing US securities laws.

Earlier, the court ordered the Commission to attach to the Ripple case drafts of a speech by former SEC corporate finance director William Hinman on the status of ether.